Senior Sitting

The key is variety. 

Expressing all sides of your personality is our goal. It’s a good idea to have a balance of what you like and what your mom likes. You can do this with a couple changes of clothes for example,

Formal wear – a nice shirt and tie for the guys, or a nice dress or shirt for the ladies

Casual wear – clothes that you would wear everyday and are comfortable in (your favorites!)

Sportswear – your sports jersey or uniform.

Accenting these looks with our backgrounds or scenes will bring out the best senior portraits ever.

Bring a friend along for support.  It’s nice to hear comments from your friends on how nice you look. It helps to relax and bring out the best of you in the studio.

Seeing the pictures unfold as we take them lets you see exactly what is happening and allows us to adapt to your likes instantly. No waiting for a week or two to see what your pictures look like.  There shown on a flat panel monitor as they are being taken

At the end of your sitting, all your proofs are reviewed on the studio monitor. You select your favorite shots that will go into your sitting proof book.

Within one week, your proofs are posted online for your viewing. Prints can be ordered on line and shipped directly to your home.

in about two weeks, you'll get the proof book back to share with your friends and family. each proof is numbered for easy identification for ordering your reprints.